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Lockdown leads to improvement in environment: BHEL PCRI



HARIDWAR, 20April: There has been a significant reduction in environmental pollution due to the ongoing lockdown. A substantial decrease in water, air and noise pollution in Haridwar has been reported in investigations conducted by BHEL’s Pollution Control Research Institute (PCRI), Haridwar. The purpose of this study was to evaluate environmental conditions in the lockdown period.
For this study, the quality of air and water of the River Ganga was monitored from 7 to 10 April. Air quality was tested at various locations in Haridwar such as Har Ki Pauri, Chandracharya Chowk, BHEL CFFP Gate, SIDCUL and Bahadarabad, etc., which found that levels of PM10, PM2.5, Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide in air had decreased by 75 to 80 percent as compared to normal days. Ganga water samples were taken from places like Bhimgowda, Har ki Pauri and Pilot Baba Ashram, etc., to check the quality of the water of the Ganga, in which it was found that contamination in samples in all these places is much less than the normal days and, after germinal treatment, Ganga water is drinkable.
During the investigation of noise pollution done at various places in Haridwar, it was found that the noise level has also come down significantly during the day time. Overall, it has been concluded that during the lockdown period in Haridwar, the quality of air and Ganga water has increased as compared to normal days and noise pollution has come down.