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Lootcase: the ensemble of talented cast makes this dark comedy a tickling watch


Film Review                                                              Lootcase


Talented stars, a humorous story and amusing dialogues commingle in Rajesh Krishnan directed Lootcase that released on Disney+ Hotstar, furnishing both ebullience and wickedness.

While returning from work, Nandan (Kunal Kemmu) stumbles upon a suitcase full of ten crore rupees. For a middle-tiered employee in a printing press, living in a chawl, having a nagging wife who in every breath reminds him to earn more, the dazzle of this huge money is overwhelming. His economic state, frame of mind and struggles represent millions of aam aadmi like him, is well expressed with the puny-sized, unfulfilled wish of his wife Lata (Kansi Duggal) for a holiday in Shimla and setting up her pickle business with initial investment of Rs 80,000.

The windfall brings an ineffable ecstasy, a joy that Nandan cannot share with his wife, a ‘pujari’s daughter’ who carries strong moral ethics, believing in relishing only hard-earned income. Nandan’s exuberance on seeing the money, the task of carrying the bag home, his funny conversation with the auto driver to avoid suspicion, finding a suitable place to hide the money, avoid prying eyes, caution practiced in smuggling it into the chawl and more; all is perfectly dealt with.

Very soon, the suitable claimers – the dangerous, illegitimate claimants to the money begin the bag hunt. The sweet-tongued yet malicious politician (Gajraj Rao), a corrupt cop (Ranvir Shorey), the gang of goons, a Nat Geo obsessed don (Vijay Raaz) and an informer, all jump in. While the chase for the bag is on, the weight of the enormous treasure becomes too heavy for the middleclass Nandan. He faces very basic yet difficult problems – where to hide the money in his pigeon-hole home in the congested chawl, where even the walls are porous with big ears, and secondly how to use the two thousand rupees notes for his petty expenses.

The ensemble of talented cast makes the experience worth watching. Each character exudes its own idiosyncrasies and exhibits the role-specific peculiarities with superb finesse. Kemmu is at his best in Nandan’s skin. He has innocence and simplicity, and doesn’t let go of any required expression. He is endearing as a common man whose eyes dazzle on seeing the money to believe that it will bring an end to his woes. Rasika Duggal, a god-fearing woman with fancy erotic ideas and small dreams, radiates enormous middle-class charm while being wrapped in an ordinary bearing. Their son listens to their bantering on daily basis. He understands the dearth of money in their lives yet never misses out on shooting his age-appropriate demands. Vijay Raaz remains a delightful watch as always. He is inspired by nature and the behavior of wild animals as they hunt in the wilderness. He uses these Nat Geo analogies to provide bouts of laughter while putting them into practice. All his strategies and action are based on these stints.

Gajraj as shrewd, sharp, tactful politician wins the heart. He has his own ways to milk the cow. Shorey, a smart-mouthed cop works both officially and unofficially as per the situation, is in a good form and has some relishing moments to present. The support cast like Nandan’s sweet neighbor, the aids of Gajraj and Vijay Raaz, the informer and others; all render a super cunning wit, that is required in this black comedy. Lootcase has money-chase, humor, gunshots, murders, deceit, double crossing, a lengthy running and a weak ending.

Sumit Nijhawan as Omar in Lootcase, is a henchman of a corrupt and scheming politician, plays his role flawlessly. He gives subtle nuances to his role, making viewers sit up and notice his character for its strong impact.

Kapil Sawant and Rajesh Krishnan work together to provide a handiwork of intelligent writing, nowhere missing even the minutest of details that may hamper the experience. The background music is quite similar to Tom and Jerry cartoon chase scenes. It supports the atmosphere, required in the script. The dialogues are crisp with many exhilarating well-timed one-liners. The taut screenplay, clever direction and great acting escalate the enjoyment.

Lootcase in a hilarious mood reflects the trajectories of life, how it gives us one thing to take away another. There are no free lunches in life and evil come with its own baggage. If life showers money, it robs one of peace of mind.

Lootcase provides tumultuous ride with a handful of adorable stars. The few pardonable weaknesses of the film are miniscule against the performance and enjoyment it renders. It is as juicy as watching a Disney cartoon film comprising a nervous mouse, trying to sneak a big cube of cheese into a hiding with many prowling stakeholders.

A true fun watch, not to be missed!