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Love Birds: Contemporary Love Exposed!


Film Review

By Sunita Vijay

Kushal Srivastava, the director and co-producer of Vodka Diaries, has delivered a short film, Love Birds, on YouTube. It conveys a strong argument by exhibiting the sort of love that uses fancy words yet is ripe with shallowness. It hints at the harrowing hollowness and challenges of contemporary relationships in this digital world, while covering a single day in the life of a young couple to convey the message.

The movie begins with Ayaan (Adhyayan Suman) and Sia (Sneha Singh) shown as a lovey-dovey couple on the morning of their first anniversary. Sia’s gesture is adorable – befitting enough to give fancy ideas to other couples. Who knows whether it’s true love or if they are faking it!

Everything seems to run smooth until breakfast when an unexpected twist is provided by Sia. She asks Ayaan to swap the phones for a day as an anniversary gift. Ayaan’s head goes for a swing. Maybe there is something in his phone or his contact list or chat that may prove hazardous for marital harmony. Is he sailing on two boats, or is he confused and indecisive, and if, yes, how will he handle this awkward situation?

Sia works in a radio station. Her day turns out to be quite interesting with a couple of relationship-handling questions to be replied. It slowly converts into a jumbled day with a touchy yet sensible ending. Another solid support comes from RJ Harshit (Harshit Shrivastav), Sia’s colleague, who tries to help Ayaan in averting a falling out.

Kushal successfully handles a blazing issue of the millennials in a short film of twenty minutes’ duration. The topic has been delved in and tried in many current films but Kushal explores it with a blend of subtle comedy and seriousness.

Love Birds highlights how technology has boosted connectivity but it has made us addicted to gadgets. Parting with the cell phone for a single day is unthinkable. It also draws attention to flings and casual courtships; the use of fancy love words and names at the drop of a hat, when many do not realise the true meaning and commitment of real love. The film is enjoyable but could have been more effective with better screenplay and by tightening a few loose ends. The fresh star cast and their comfortable performance adds to the effect of the terse story. It is short and crisp yet conveys the message tacitly.