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Mahara criticises Dhami for describing Cong manifesto as that of Muslim Leage


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 8 Apr: Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress President Karan Mahara today strongly condemned Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami for describing the Congress manifesto as that of the Muslim League. In a statement issued today, Mahara claimed that BJP leaders have lost their mental balance in view of the impending election defeat. This is why they are trying to divide the voters by indulging in the politics of religion.

Mahara said that instead of pointing fingers at the Congress party‚Äôs manifesto, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami should tell the public the achievements of his tenure and also state what plans the BJP has made for the development of the country and the state. Mahara also sought to know which VIP was involved in the brutal murder of the state’s daughter, Ankita Bhandari. What are the unemployment figures in the state?

He further asked the BJP what is the employment plan for the future of the youth of the state which is being ruined due to Agniveer Yojana? He said that the river of development in the country and the state is flowing only in the minds of the BJP leaders, not in reality and that this river will stop flowing on 19 April after the polls.

The PCC Chief asserted that the Congress Party knows how to work on the ground instead of making false announcements. The leaders of the Congress party, unlike Narendra Modi, have not spoken their own mind but have heard the problems of the persons belonging to the lowest rung of society and have made policies aimed at their development. Unlike the BJP, Congress has not published a bunch of false promises as its manifesto but have incorporated the issues related to public interest before the public in the manifesto. He claimed that Congress does not believe in giving free ration but in providing employment to the people in villages itself through schemes like MNREGA.

Mahara added that BJP does politics by dividing the society on the basis of caste and religion. On the other hand, Congress has always sought public support by talking about democratic socialism and secularism. Because the Congress Party has made sacrifices for the independence of the country, it fought a long battle with the British. In the history of the Congress Party, there is a long line of people who made sacrifices for the country and took it forward. The Congress leaders had far-sighted thinking in building the institutions established in the country, which are being sold by the people in power today to their business friends at throwaway prices to collect election donations for their party. The party in power cannot tell any such scheme which has benefited the public even for 10 consecutive years. When elections come, their issues change and their slogans also change. But now the people of the country are fed up with their rhetoric and are going to teach the BJP a tough lesson.