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Maharaj orders high level inquiry into gold-plating of Kedarnath walls

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 22 Jun: With the allegations and counter allegations in respect of alleged scam of goldplating of walls of the sanctum sanctorum of Kedarnth Temple having become an issue of contention between the BJP and the Opposition Party the Congress, Religious Affairs Minister Satpal Maharaj has ordered a high level inquiry into the incident. This high level inquiry will be headed by Secretary Religious Affairs Hari Semwal.
However, Satpal Maharaj has also made it clear that it is not proper to say that there has been any scam behind the gold plating of the sanctum sanctorum of the Kedarnath Temple. In view of the controversy over the gold plates on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum of Kedarnath Temple, Tourism, Endowment and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj took up the matter with Endowment Secretary Hari Chandra Semwal. Maharaj said that any one who plays with the religious faith, or the sanctity and the significance of Kedarnath Dham will be not be spared. He said that the entire truth will emerge as a result of the inquiry and following the outcome of the inquiry, an appropriate action will be taken.
Maharaj said that prima facie the allegations cannot be called correct just because the allegations have been made.  He stated that the devotee who had donated the gold and the copper plates had himself led the installation work. Hence there is almost no scope for any irregularity or embezzlement or corruption in this regard. However, in view of the fact that some rumours and unfounded allegations have been made with the nefarious purpose to malign the temple and the Yatra itself, and the fact that Opposition has made a huge issue out of this without any basis, a high level inquiry has been ordered by him.  Soon the truth will emerge and those behind the conspiracy will not be spared.
It may be further recalled that the Congress has levelled allegation that the gold has been replaced by Brass at the temple in a clandestine manner. It has also demanded SIT inquiry into the “Scam”. On the other hand, the temple authorities and the BJP have claimed that there is no scam. They have also sought to clarify that in the agreement itself, the devotee had made it clear that the copper plates to be installed on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple will be plated with gold. Yesterday, BJP Spokesman, Suresh Joshi had spoken to the media clarifying the position of the government as well of the BJP in respect of the controversy.