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Make women representatives, don’t use them as agitationists: Dr Anil Joshi


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 9 Mar: “The sustenance of our society rests on the shoulders of women. Without her the world we know would not have been the way we know it. “
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Doon International School organised a joint programme in collaboration with SDC Foundation. Padma Bhushan awardee Dr Anil Joshi, Environmentalist and Founder of HESCO, was the Chief Guest.
Indian historical works of Art, Literature and Mythology are replete with examples of fierce and formidable women said Dr Anil Joshi.
He also expressed deep concern on how women’s status is undermined by patriarchal society.
It was very strongly suggested at the outset that had women been the rein holders of this world there would not have been any war in Ukraine today.
In the 21st Century, however, after years of atrocities, neglect and ignorance that women have had to face, there is a wave of positive change in the direction that society is headed today. The conscious steps and decisions taken by national policy makers are reflective of this forward change.
The legal rights given to women to participate in male dominated institutions such as the armed forces are evidence of this.
At the end of the programme, School Founder and Educationist DS Mann said that women are constantly moving forward and this is because equal rights have been given to men and women in the constitution. He emphasised how women are proving their mettle and capabilities in every sphere of the professional world while also carrying out their responsibilities as home-makers. He also paid his sincere gratitude to the founder of SDC Foundation, Anoop Nautiyal, the panelists Ritu Khanduri, MLA, Garima Dasauni, Sona Kaushal and Renu D Singh.