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Making dreams of Uttarakhand’s youth come true is my commitment: Modi


PM addresses BJP election rally in Rudrapur


Rudrapur, 2 Mar: Ahead of the Lok Sabha election 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a large gathering of supporters, here, today.

PM Modi highlighted the unprecedented development in Uttarakhand over the past decade, surpassing achievements of the previous 65 years. He said, “Uttarakhand’s integration into modern connectivity and the BJP government’s initiatives, including providing 85,000 pakka houses to the poor, water connections to over 12 lakh homes, and constructing more than 5 lakh toilets. When intentions are right, such work happens naturally. That’s why I say – ‘Neeyat Sahi, Toh Nateeje Sahi’.”

He asserted, “This marks my inaugural electoral rally in ‘Devbhumi,’ Uttarakhand. Moreover, this rally unfolds in an area frequently labelled as Mini India. You all have come here to bless us in such large numbers. We are deeply grateful to all of you.”

Stressing the state’s progress, PM Modi said, “The development achieved in the past 10 years is just the trailer. There’s much more to be done. We still have to take the country and Uttarakhand much further. My endeavour is to make the world more familiar with the region, whether it’s agriculture, tourism, or industry, unprecedented opportunities are emerging in this region. I would say to the youth of Uttarakhand – Your dream is my commitment.”

Training his guns on the Congress party for ‘leading India towards instability’, PM Modi stated, “Congress and the opposition coalition have shown their intentions. The scion of the Congress’ royal family has declared that if the country elects a BJP government for the third time, there will be unrest. The Congress, with its Emergency-era mentality, has lost faith in democracy and is now trying to incite people against the verdict. Also, a senior leader of the Congress in Karnataka has spoken about separating South India from the country.”

“The people of Uttarakhand cannot forget that it was this Congress that insulted the brave son of the nation, the late Bipin Rawat. Such a Congress cannot be expected to have patriotism,” he added.

Targeting the Congress over border issues, PM Modi iterated, “The connection of this land is with Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Govind Singh Ji, and Udasi Sant Guru Ram Rai Ji. The Congress divided the country to an extent that even the birthplace of Guru Nanak Ji was snatched from us. Now, finally, the BJP government has made life easier for people by constructing the Kartarpur Corridor. If Congress didn’t show weakness, no one would have dared to cast an eye on our borders.” Also, PM Modi mentioned that new facts reveal how the Congress callously gave away Katchatheevu Island.

Shedding light on the OROP, PM Modi said, “If the Congress were in power, even today, former soldiers would not receive One Rank, One Pension. However, Modi had guaranteed the families of soldiers and fulfilled it. Today, families of soldiers across the country have received more than Rs 1 lakh crore under OROP. Thousands of families in Uttarakhand are also benefiting from this.”

Coming down heavily on the Opposition on the issue of corruption, PM Modi asserted, “These corrupt individuals not only threaten Modi but also abuse him. I say – eradicate corruption. They say – save the corrupt. But Modi is not afraid of their abuses and threats. Action will continue against every corrupt person. There will be a swift strike against corruption in the third term. And I will not let anyone steal the rights of the poor or the middle class. This is Modi’s guarantee.”

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi said, “In the coming 5 years, there will be unprecedented work and significant decisions. But for this, you need to strengthen Modi further. BJP needs to secure victory with the maximum votes on all seats in Uttarakhand. Remember… Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar! 4 June… 400 Paar! You have one task to do. If you go from here to the villages, you have to bow to the deities there on behalf of Modi. And tell all the families in the village that Modi ji has sent his respects.”

Earlier, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Union Minister of State Ajay Bhatt, BJP MP Ajay Tamta and BJP MLA Arvind Pandey also addressed the rally, while Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya conducted the proceedings.

Addressing the rally, CM Dhami liberally praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and claimed that each moment in the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been dedicated to service of the nation in the past 10 years. Dhami also asserted that, under Modi, the respect of India across the world has grown tremendously and today it has become a major global power. The vision of Modi has catapulted the country from the tenth largest to the fifth largest economy of the world. The CM also reminded the gathering of the “special emotional bond” that PM Modi shares with Uttarakhand.

Among those present at the rally included BJP State in-charge Dushyant Kumar, State Party President and Rajya Sabha member Mahendra Bhatt, former Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna, Cabinet Minister Saurabh Bahuguna and a large number of party MLAs and leaders apart from the BJP candidates from Nainital-Udham Singh Nagar and Almora-Pithoragarh Lok Sabha seats, Ajay Bhatt and Ajay Tamta.