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Malkit Singh launches new song ‘Mobile’ at Ravi Sarin Film Institute


By Harish Sharma

Noida, 24 Oct: Celebrated Indian singer Malkit Singh, known for hits like ‘Kaali Ainak’, wowed audiences with his latest release, the song ‘Mobile’, at Noida’s Ravi Sarin Film Institute.

Welcomed by over 100 enthusiastic students, Malkit joined in the festivities, dancing to his new track upon his arrival from England.

During the press meet, Malkit discussed the unique challenge of creating a song centred on today’s omnipresent mobile technology.

The video carries a playful yet heartfelt message as Malkit expresses his desire to turn into a mobile phone so that he can always be by his beloved’s side. He laments how his beloved is always focused on her phone, leaving little room for him.

Ravi Sarin, a veteran with over 250 major film projects, warmly greeted Malkit at the institute. He highlighted the institute’s distinction, offering students unparalleled opportunities to work on significant films, given that 90% of such productions occur in Delhi and North India for which Sarin acts as line producer.

In a significant announcement, Malkit revealed that his upcoming film, ‘Saade Lek’, is set for release around the New Year. He expressed his intention to once again partner with Ravi Sarin for its promotional activities.