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Man dies due to ‘cardiac arrest’, relatives blame the hospital for the death



DEHRADUN, 26 Mar: Relatives of a patient who allegedly died due to cardiac arrest at Synergy Hospital created a ruckus after his death. The relatives of the deceased had a brawl with the hospital staff and they accused the Hospital Staff of keeping the patient’s dead body on the ventilator for three days after the death. The Hospital has however denied the charges and claimed that the patient was serious and died due to cardiac arrest not because of any negligence on part of the hospital. The deceased named Deepak had stomach-related ailments, revealed Sunil who is the deceased’s younger brother. Deepak was previously being treated at a private hospital in Saharanpur. Last Monday, the family admitted Deepak to Dehradun’s Synergy Hospital near Ballupur. According to Sunil, his brother’s condition was stable when he was admitted to Synergy hospital. The hospital staff allowed the relatives to meet the patient twice daily. But for the past three days, there was a huge change in hospital staff’s behaviour. They were not allowed to meet the patient, Deepak stating that he was very critical and was on the ventilator. The doctors demanded medicines worth Rs ten to fifteen thousand rupees daily. On Friday when the relatives insisted the hospital allowed them to take the patient to another hospital but the staff demanded 60 thousand rupees more. A total of 5 lakh rupees had already been spent during the treatment. Moreover, the family was told to arrange an ambulance as the patient’s health condition was critical. A little later, the family was informed that the patient had already died. The relatives of the deceased accused the hospital of demanding money even after the death of the patient for treatment purposes. Also, an application regarding the alleged medical negligence has been submitted to Cantt police station. Dr Pramod, who is the medical record officer, has claimed that there was no fault of the hospital in the entire episode. The doctors treating Deepak tried their best to save his life, Dr Pramod claimed. But unfortunately, the patient’s condition was so serious that he succumbed to cardiac arrest. The doctors had previously advised the patient’s family about referring him to another hospital which they denied. Later, they demanded a referral to another hospital when the patient was in a critical stage but doctors resisted as that would have led to grave risk of life.

The patient had a history of excess alcohol consumption. He was in critical condition when he was admitted to Synergy hospital. The Hospital authorities claimed that the charge that the patient had been charged a huge amount was not true as the total bill amounted to be Rs 1.20 lakhs only and the payment due was Rs 50,000 against the family, Dr Pramod further claimed.