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Man distributes ‘relief’ money to Haldwani violence accused, stirs controversy


By Our Staff Reporter

Haldwani, 22 Feb: A video related to riot-affected Banbhoolpura in Haldwani has gone viral in the past 24 hours in which a young man named Salman has been shown to be distributing money among the persons accused of violence in Haldwani and calling those from a certain minority who had died during the violence as Shaheed (martyrs). This young man Salman is stated to be from Hyderabad.

In the viral video, Salman is seen as distributing money to the family members of the violence accused from Banphulpura in Haldwani. He is also seen carrying a bag full of currency notes and claiming that he has been sent by Allah to help the violence accused. He is seen distributing thousands of rupees to every family. In one part of the video, he is seen handing some money to a family to get their auto repaired. While roaming in Banphupura, which is now free of any curfew or restrictions, he is seen being followed by a large crowd in support and is seen seeking help of minor boys in identifying the accused families and in distributing money to these families. He is also seen and heard in the video making several provocative claims and statements. He is seen telling that the Muslims losing their lives in protest against the atrocities will attain Jannat and that servants of Allah will always come to help the affected families. In the video, he is seen commuting in a blue coloured Suzuki Ertiga car. The video has also a provocative song playing in the background.

The big question is that from where was the said young man travelling with so much cash, who funded him with such a huge amount and how? It is said that around Rs 9 lakh was distributed by him in past few days.

On the direction of DGP Abhinav Kumar, Salman has been interrogated and is stated to be a Youtuber. According to the sources, he claimed before the police that he did this to increase his reach on YouTube. This claim appears to be suspect and needs to be investigated.