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Manoj Bajpayee: ‘The Family Man 2’ proved to be our most challenging project yet


The much-hyped second season of “The Family Man” is all set to drop on June 4. The show’s lead star Manoj Bajpayee on Thursday took to Instagram to remind fans the date of release.
“The Family Man Season 2 … June 4,” declared an image Manoj posted on Instagram.
Alongside the image, he wrote: “So the day is finally here…
“Every filmmaker has a tale to tell at the end of every project about its highs and lows. For us, The Family Man Season 2 has proved to be our most challenging project yet.
“These are difficult times for all of us. There isn’t anyone amongst us untouched by loss and suffering. While we mourn the tragic loss of lives, we are grateful for the heroic actions and courage of the frontline workers and everyone working tirelessly to provide aid during these times.
“For all of us, staying positive and optimistic has possibly been the hardest. The only thing that has kept us going through all of it is the constant love and appreciation (and the constant pressure) that we have received from every one of you,” he wrote.
The actor added: “Having worked through a pandemic and two lockdowns, we are forever indebted to our fabulous cast, crew and Prime Video team who have persevered through it all.”
He concluded saying the series now belongs to the audience.
“Season 2 drops at midnight. And one thing is overwhelmingly clear: The Family Man now belongs to you, the audience, and all its fans. We remain forever humbled by all the love we have received,” Manoj concluded.