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Mantras to Succeed


By Ravi Matah

Every person wants to be successful and an achiever. To achieve success, one should specify the goals one has in mind. Targets should be defined and thereafter one should devise the plan of action. It should be kept in mind that one should not deviate from the plan of action and act accordingly.

It is said that success knocks on each door, but only once. However, those who are keen to grab the opportunity take hold of that one chance with a determined effort. What is important here is that attention should not be diverted by difficulties on the way.  Also, the task should be read and thoughtfully implemented and there should be no slackness.

It should also keep in mind that failures along the way will also happen, which should not be a deterrent in pursuit of the targeted goal.

Even a lion succeeds only once in four times when he runs after his prey. Despite the failures, the lions don’t give up hunting their prey because they are confident of their efforts. It has also been emphasised repeatedly that success will follow one if one only believes in oneself.

However, confidence comes naturally with success, but success comes only to those who are persistent in their efforts.

It should also be kept in mind that discipline is another important factor for our achievements. For success, focus on discipline and inculcating good habits. These will form the basis of your goal settings and achievements.

First of all, one has to be very careful about one’s health. Physical and mental health should be very stable and that will give one the energy to go about the task one has in mind. Secondly, life never provides guarantees, one should pounce upon the opportunities that come in the way. One should know how to convert those opportunities into a successful venture.

A person with a cheerful disposition will always be able to concentrate on his or her work. Hard work will give success and every project will have to be divided into sub-projects. Even if one has completed a small portion of a major project, one should celebrate that achievement. This will motivate one to put more hard work into it.

Success can be defined as happiness derived from fulfilment of a specific goal. Achievement of a specific degree or a qualification can also be counted as success. Even buying a property and getting it registered in one’s name is called a successful act.

Building a house on the property so purchased is also termed as a success. But simply buying it is not enough. You should be able to decorate the same to project yourself as successful.

If you are able to refund the loan taken to build a house, that also is a feather in your cap and you will be termed a successful person and it will also give you a sense of fulfilment.

Your success can also be gauged by the fact that after buying a house, you furnished it and have also refunded the loan you had taken to build and furnish the same.

Your success will also be defined if you are good at financial management and you will be termed a prosperous person if you have sufficient savings to help on a rainy day.

Further success is a concept which varies from person to person and it depends on how well one is focussed on the issue at hand. Your success should be defined on your own terms and not on the expectations of other people.

(Ravi Matah is a Retired Gazetted Officer. He is a prolific writer, loves Cricket and pens his thoughts on social issues.)