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Manuscript wealth related to ‘Char Dham Yatra’ discussed

Dehradun, 17 May: The National Manuscript Mission, Union Ministry of Culture, and ‘Puraana Darbar House’ of Archaeological and Archival Material Collection Trust, Dehradun, have jointly organised a three day national seminar from 16 to 18 May at Cambrian Hall, here.
It was attended by Dr Vidya Dutt Kukreti, Dr Yeshwant Singh Kathoch, Puraana Darbar Trustee Bhawani Pratap Singh Panwar and Shridhar Bareek from National Manuscript Mission. The second edition of “Garhwali Bhasha k Abhilekh aur Dastavej’ by Captain Shoor Beer Singh Panwar enlarged and re-edited by Dr Yeshwant Singh Kathoch was unveiled on the occasion.
The programme was convened by Dr Devendra Kumar Singh and Beena Benjwal.
In the first session chaired by Dr Brajendra Kumar Singhal, the manuscript traditions of Rajastahan and Himalayas were discussed. Dr Prayaag Joshi spoke on Bahi literature of Seera. Dr Neelam Negi described the importance of River Ganga through manuscripts. Ganesh Khugshaal “Gani” elaborated on the Tantra traditions. Dr MPS Bisht of USAC focused on the discovery of Badrinath Aarti in Satera-Syupuri Village of Chamoli district. Dr YS Bartwal spoke on the manuscript tradition and ways to conserve manuscripts. Dr Shukla from Gurukul Kaangri University shed light on sculptors of Uttarakhand. Dr SC Byaala talked about the ‘Yaatra Maargs’.