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Marital discord between royal couple leads to claims, counter claims

Dehradun, 16 May: It was in November, 2017, when Adrija Manjari Singh, granddaughter of the late Vishwanath Pratap Singh, former Prime Minister of India and erstwhile Raja of Manda (UP), married Arkesh Singh Deo, younger son of veteran BJD leader Anang Deo Singh, prince of Bolangir Estate in Odisha and grandson of former Chief Minister of Odisha, RN Singh Deo.

Vishwanath Pratap Singh

The marriage has entered major discord with Adrija M Singh accusing Arkesh Singh Deo of domestic violence, torture and demanding dowry. Adrija M Singh has registered a case against her husband at Rajpur Police Station. In a fresh development, the DGP has handed over the investigation of the case to an ASP of Uttarakhand Police. Singh has been living with her family members in Dehradun for some time now.

Anang Uday Singh Deo

While Adrija Singh has alleged that Rajpur Police have not cooperated with her and stopped picking up her calls, Arkesh Singh Deo has denied all the allegations levelled against him by his estranged wife and has claimed that he has been threatened by some criminals from Saharanpur having ‘links’ with her father. He has, in fact, levelled counter allegations that she has been demanding a huge amount of Rs 100 crore and ticket to contest from Bolangir from the BJD. Deo said he does not have this amount of money and also no influence to ensure a ticket for her from anywhere in the state.

Adrija M Singh

Adrija has spoken to some local channels here reminding them that her husband had sought divorce from her in August 2022. She had filed a complaint at Rajpur police station against her father-in-law, Ananga Udaya Singh Deo, brother-in-law Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, mother-in-law Bijayalaxmi Devi, Meghna Rana and husband Arkesh on 30 September, last year. She also claimed that Singh Deo family wanted her out of their house and had stopped her from visiting Odisha. She claimed she was abused by the staff of the Singh Deo family and her movement was monitored by guards with a camera pointing towards her room, invading her privacy.
She reminded that she had also sought police protection citing threats. She had recently met the DGP, Uttarakhand, when no action was taken on her complaint by the local police for a long time. The case has now been handed over to a local Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Dehradun.
On the other hand, speaking to Garhwal Post, Arkesh Singh Deo claimed the allegations levelled by his estranged wife are baseless. He added that she had registered a complaint against him levelling baseless charges in September, last year, but he had no intimation about it for months since no police official contacted him for questioning. It was after several months that she filed another complaint that he came to know about the issue.
Singh Deo stated that although, both, he and his wife Adrija had agreed to an amicable divorce sometime ago, still she had gone ahead and filed false complaints against him with the Rajpur Police. He added that the house belongs to him but Adrija is living there with her sister and other relatives. She is also preparing to bring more people into the house and at the same time is trying to throw out his maid and other domestic staff. Asserting that he had never assaulted her, he expressed surprise at her attempt to get the CCTV cameras installed by him disconnected and removed. He said that CCTV cameras could have provided a cover of safety for her, if she really felt threatened.
Singh Deo further claimed that, despite the estrangement, Adrija Singh has demanded a baby from him through surrogacy, which is quite strange. He added that, because of this problem, he is forced to stay in his father’s house near Purkul and only visits his house sometimes. He added that, despite the fact that both he and his wife are estranged, and the house belongs to him, she has called some contractors to make some changes to it. Deo also intimated that he has hired services of some good lawyers who will on his behalf file an injunction against his estranged wife tomorrow.
SO Rajpur did not pick up the call despite repeated calls.