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Marriage party stays in guest house in violation of MHA guidelines in Doon



DEHRADUN, 18 May: One marriage party coming from Jalandhar in Punjab stayed at a guest house in Mohit Nagar, in violation of the MHA guidelines currently in operation during the Corona lockdown. According to confirmed sources, the matter relates to marriage function of a daughter of one Ashirvad Enclave resident. Though the family had taken permission to perform marriage function in this guest house called Asha Home Stay, residents of Mohit Nagar have claimed that not only the marriage function was being held at the place, the guest house was being used for stay of about 50 persons. It may be recalled that as per the present restrictions, a maximum of 20 persons are being allowed to attend any marriage function.

When the residents complained about the violation to Vasant Vihar Police, SHO visited the guest house and strictly directed the guest house owner not to permit stay of anyone in the guest house, as the permission had been granted only to host the marriage function there. The Police strictly told that only the goods related to the marriage function could be kept in the guest house, and up to two persons could be allowed to stay to take care of the belongings.

Speaking to Garhwal Post, the guest house owner said that the marriage party had obtained permission for 50 persons to attend the marriage function. Speaking to the Garhwal Post, SP City Shweta Chaubey said that the marriage party had permission from City Magistrate to hold the marriage, but the guest house owner had been told not to allow anyone to stay for the night at the guest house, and the guest house could allow only up to two persons to take care of the belongings of the persons from the marriage party or the families of the bride and groom.

It may be recalled that Mohit Nagar residents felt threatened by undue risk of COVID-19 spreading as many persons were allowed to stay in the hotel in violation of the MHA guidelines. They also felt threatened because many residents are in vulnerable range with respect to Corona.