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Who are you when no one is around?
Do you tie your hair up and knot that shirt high? Or do you put on blaring country and work up a sweat?

Who are you when no one is looking?
Do you binge on Jen & Berry’s chocolate chip mint or do you put on Sleepless in Seattle and watch the mush?

There was an interesting article of being self partnered in the local weekly recently. Not a topic I am a fan of, for reasons saved for another day but I do put forth the importance of “me time” in Earth’s rotation. I believe that if you can enjoy your own company, you are awesome company to be with.. By enjoy I refer to doing something that makes you happy from your soul. Read or write, sing or learn a language.. Indulging in some time to do what you want to, actually is therapy in its own way. And this does not put errands and domestic chores on the list!

There is nothing or no one to negate you and that time is solely yours to bask in. You aren’t thinking of the day’s schedule or the pending to do list on the softboard.. all you’re doing is giving you… a chunk of you.
There is nothing in the brain and its only focussed on the task at hand.
It re energises, relaxes and revamps your whole being.

A positive relationship has (I’m hoping) two people looking outward in the same direction but inward in their own. At the end of the day, you are a person who likes to do things a certain way. Another may not comprehend and its unfair to expect them to enjoy just because you do. So the better way is to create a little time out each day.. for doing what you like!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. Space paves the way for thrilling conversations.. Wanting to be on your own for a bit can do wonders to the people you cohabitate with. It may sound dramatic but the key to a happy equation lies in the ability of people to accept, that everyone is their own person and may want to do things in solitude.

“For starters, it gives me an insight into what you really love doing.”

“Yes, it’s a way of being so carefree and uninhibited. There is no interruption and that time is mine to grab, before it passes me by.”

There will always be numerous commitments and societal obligations to fulfil. There will always be another day and another time. There will always be a reason to put something else before you. But neither of the above mean that you care any less or want distance.

“Me time” is time carefully crafted out of a day for your own soulful indulgence. Do something then, that sets it on fire, that re energises you and gets you to a place wherein you are content.

It isn’t a time to bicker and brawl but to invest in creativity, to diversify onto unnurtured talents and to learn a little more about your own self. Introspection has helped even the wisest of them all to improve. Yes, I am aware of the quote – ‘Perfection can’t be improved,’ but hey… what you think as perfect may actually not be.. Could it perhaps be that you know no better, hence feel you are? Searching inside of your own heart and mind gives you theories you may have never ventured towards.

Peace and tranquillity is what a day is about. Fulfilment and decisions, experimentation and joy. We all have different roles to play in life but all these roles stem out of you as a person. So needless to say that if the core is agitated, it will reflect in all the various directions. Taking care of your own self is a crucial part of living a life.

Each of us has a to do list so how about including “time out” for you in that as well. It will initially take an effort but gradually as you learn to sit back and look forward to it, you will feel the excitement of meeting a part of you that you may have left up in the attic for long!

And ofcourse the most ideal way to do this, would be without any screen time. So here is hoping that you can sit back and do exactly what you want to do, in a day-everyday.


(Pooja Poddar Marwah is an award winning author and Blogger. She writes on contemporary living and offers incisive reflections on the world around us. Her blog, Random Conversations is a go to guide to deal with the myriad struggles we face each day.)