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Media helped highlight my problems: Shagufta Ali


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 19 Jul: Actor Shagufta Ali had been suffering from lack of funds to meet her medical expenses for several years when she decided to come out in the open and speak about her problems. She is now happy that many people have come forward and helped her. She is hopeful of receiving more help that can help her meet her requirements.
However, in a chat with Satish Sharma, senior journalist and an actor himself, she admitted that it was not easy to talk about one’s crisis on a public platform. It may be recalled that Ali has worked in several films and TV serials but has been struggling with breast cancer and lack of work for the past few years.
In response to a question by Sharma, she said that she was touched and happy with the response to her call for help. Many persons, including some leading names such as Film Director Rohit Shetty, Film Director Ashok Pandit, actor Johnny Lever and film actor Neena Gupta provided assistance. She added that she was hopeful that more assistance would be forthcoming in her moments of crisis. She also praised the media which helped highlight her problems in newspapers and news channels, thus making people aware of her need.
She added that the Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) has also promised her help and that she was grateful for it.
In response to a question, she agreed that people in crisis often keep quiet and never make public their problems. Sharma appreciated her for the courage shown by her by seeking help. She said that she also remained quiet for five years and suffered alone but was advised by some close friends to speak up in this regard and, finally, when she felt that she could not handle her crisis alone, she chose to share her problems with the film industry. She added that she finally managed to gather courage and share her problems. She observed that, in many cases, persons in crisis do not share their problems at all with others and even commit suicide.
To a suggestion by Sharma on creation of a corpus by CINTAA to help struggling artistes, she said that she had herself been an executive member of CINTAA and was aware that such a corpus existed. She praised CINTAA for its proactive role in helping the artistes in distress.
It may be recalled that Shagufta Ali was recently seen in an advertisement of ‘Maangal.com’ directed by Doon based Writer-Director & an actor himself, Avinash Dhyani. She is also working in Dhyani’s two upcoming films ‘Saumya Ganesh’ and ‘Lifeline’.