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Medicinal Plants are not just meant for humans but can be effectively used for animal treatment


DEHRADUN, 16 Feb: Medicinal Plants are not just meant for humans but can be effectively used for animal treatmen as well, stated Dr. George McCommon of Fort Vallley State University, during the third day of international conference on ‘Medicinal Aromatic and Neutraceutical Plants from Mountainous Areas’, held at Graphic Era University.
Dr. George McCommon added that in different researches it has been found that coriander leaves are very helpful in improving the cardiovascular diseases in horses. He further said that ‘Helminthiasis’ which is an infestation with parasitic worms in animals can be easily cured by medicinal plants like ginger and eucalyptus. In his presentation Dr McCommon discussed about couch grass and said that it is a medicinal plant which is used for improving digestion among cats and dogs.
Dr T. Terrill of Fort Valley University, in his research found that plants, like berries and legumes are rich in Tannin compound which helps in improving reproductive function, digestion and growth among animals. He further encouraged future in the field of Tennin rich Neutraceutical plants.
Dr. Sun-Ok Lee, from University of Arkansas USA in her presentation discussed about rice bran for being particularly high in Vitamin B, B6 and Vitamin K, which play a vital role in energy production, cardiovascular health and warding off depression.
Dr Fabricio Medina –Bolivar, from Arkansas State University of USA said that Stelbenoids found in hairy roots of medicinal plants have potent cardio protective chemo preventive and anti tumor properties. It also has potential to be developed as new drug for treatment of breast cancer and obesity.
Dean, Dr. Gopal Rawat, Wild Life Institute of India, in his talk told about sustainable harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants in Himalayan region. He asked the industries to be concerned about sustainable harvest. He further added that there is a need to reduce the communication gap between industrialists and collectors. He expressed his concern that local people have forgotten the names and usage of mountain medicinal plants and there is a rapid decline in traditional knowledge which needs to be addressed. He further suggested that camp workshops should be conducted and ornamental herbal garden set up will help in habitat conservation.
The three day international conference concluded with Farmers’ Forum where the farmers deliberated prospects and challenges of medicinal plant cultivation and trade in Uttarakhand. In this forum farmers of Uttarakhand, Rao Farooq Khan, Umrao Singh and Madhav Singh discussed about cultivation of Lemongrass, Damask Rose and Cinnamon.
Dr. G. Kannan of Fort Vallley State University USA, Dr Chhandak Basu from California University USA, Director Dr. C. S. Sanwal of Herbal Research and Development Institute, Dr Yaha Rukayadi of University Putra Malaysia, and Dr. Dae- Yong Kwon of Korea food research institute, Korea, along with faculty members and students of Biotechnology and Life Sciences Department, Graphic Era University participated.