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Mela Officer miffs traders with confiscations



Haridwar, 20 Nov: Mela Officer Deepak Rawat inspected the Har-ki-Pauri market, today, to ensure that preparations for the Haridwar Mahakumbh 2021 were moving in the right direction of a ‘Clean Kumbh, Green Kumbh’!
He checked the shops from the point of view the ban on polythene and plastic. On finding plastic cans, he warned all the shopkeepers to get rid of them within fifteen days or face strict action. The cans that were discovered were confiscated and sent to the Nagar Nigam. The Municipal Commissioner was asked to take necessary action.
The shopkeepers came out vociferously against this ‘high-handed’ approach of the Mela Officer and there were heated exchanges on the subject. The shopkeepers were particularly miffed at goods being taken out from inside the shops, stating these were neither being sold nor displayed.
The traders’ leader Sanjeev Nair said they fully supported government policies and High Court orders on reducing plastic use, but such one-sided action was unacceptable. There was no order against plastic cans containing Ganga water.
Present on the occasion were Deputy Mela Officer Gopal Chauhan and businessmen Kailash Kesvani, Suresh Gulati, Sanjay Trival, Kamal Brijwasi, Rajiv Parashar and Pradeep Kalra.