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Mero Pahad Mero Pran

An adorable Pahari Boy, named Sandeep Bhist, who studies in class 10 and lives in Village Mave, Almora District is fast becoming famous.
His social media videos presented through spontaneous acting skills uploaded on ‘Mero Pahad Mero Pran’ and ‘KyapOfficial’ are the cutest things you may have seen in recent times.
He speaks in broken ‘pahari-hindi-english mix’ and so easily crosses the communication barrier, which he has not allowed to become a hindrance or impediment in any way.
He communicates precisely what he wants to communicate in ‘flawless mix of three languages’ and leaves his viewers hankering for more.
Not surprisingly he has clocked a sizeable number of followers. And he is not alone in his initiative. He has a team, which is called ‘Kyap’ which means Anokha Karya. And the team surely is doing an amazing task of spreading information about their immediate surroundings.
He and his driven and inspired team is doing this task since the past couple of years. The other members in his team are Gaurav Mehra, Kuldeep Mehra, Karan Bhatt, Raja Bhist and Yaman Kumar. And don’t be shocked to know he has a management team and a supporting team too.
He takes you from one location to another, and regales you with his charming information about the simple day-to-day life lived in the mountains.
One day you are told about the DRS system in Pahad, the next day he talks about Bhutte ka Khet, alloo ke guttke ka swad, and then he takes you for a darshan of Mahadev in Jageshwar Dham Mandir, Vimandeshwar Mahadev Mandir Dwarahat, Ma Donagiri, Golu Devta and many more.
He adds a dash of comedy in his narratives when he says Ropai Coming which means transplanting, ‘After a long time ago’, ‘Professional English bola karo yaar’, ‘Pahadi Cricket ke Kuch Anokhe Niyam’, ‘Guys you eat this phal’, and ‘My Singing style is very die.’
It is not without reason that his Kyap Facebook page states the following : We make people laugh in pahadi style!
Some events that mean a world to him are also shared, such as ‘Chhoti Bhais Ka Namkaran’, ‘Balika Cricket Tournament’, ‘Challen Kafal Lene.’,
‘Books Ki Unboxing’, ‘Friends Pahadi Fruits Khao’, ‘Barish Dhoop ke beech Indradhanush’, ‘IPL Final highlights’ show that his interest are variegated.
Elderly village women too join him in his song and dance blogs.
His Bio in Mero Pahad Mero Pran reads as follows : ‘Love Uttarakhand Feeling Proud to be Pahari.’ And indeed he is every bit a product of Pahar with his sensibilities seeped in the native influences. Nothing misses his eyes and he shares details of everything that transpires in his village and community. Indeed he has all the elements of an unaffected, simple, honest, real, spontaneous and genuine brand ambassador.
This youngster who is full of confidence, focused, and filled with the desire to showcase his people before the entire world dreams of becoming an actor. Beyond a doubt his future is guaranteed!