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Mika Singh: Get off social media and help people


Mika Singh feels people ought to stop indulging in Twitter sermonising and do some actual work if they want to pitch in with help amidst the Covid pandemic.
The singer has initiated a food service (Langar Seva) under his NGO, and had kickstarted his efforts on Monday offering free meals to bus drivers, street kids, poor and the needy.
“When the Farmers’ Protest took place and the farmers needed help, people indulged in Twitter-baazi, they kept tweeting that we will do this and we will do that, but nothing came out of it. There is no need to show support on Twitter, step outside and help, do the actual bit.
“Whenever there is an issue, people just hop onto Twitter and start writing. It’s my humble request to people, do actual help and stop making bayaan baazi (sermonising) on Twitter,” said Mika.
Mika has been an avid supporter of the farmers’ protest and still supports the cause, but believes that Covid is a bigger issue and everyone should start doing their bit.
He said: “I am certain that the government will take a decision. There is no one bigger than government and this matter (the farmers’ protest) should be resolved quickly. But right now, people are dying of hunger rather than coronavirus. We should also worry about people who are still alive and on road. People on road need food, the unemployed need food, people don’t have drinking water, clothes to wear and place to sleep, and it’s time we take living into consideration as well.”
Asked whether the entertainment industry was facing a backlash for not doing enough for people and just making tall claims on social media platforms, Mika replied: “I love Bollywood and I respect it. See, there are people who are actually doing good work and helping others, but there is huge brigade of people who just want to wear expensive shoes and watches. To that I say, if god has blessed you with good fortune, please help someone in need as well.”