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Minister Satpal Maharaj praises India’s evacuation measures in Ukraine


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 4 Mar: While wishing the safe return of all Indians, including those from Uttarakhand, who are trapped in Ukraine, Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj has appreciated the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard. He said today that, in the midst of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Indians should be evacuated from there with the help of the Tricolour. Even the people of Turkey and Pakistan are also getting out safely by taking the help of the Indian flag, which is a matter of pride for the nation.
He reminded that, in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, India has told the countries of the world to find a solution through dialogue, while western countries are trying to incite Ukraine through their statements.
Maharaj has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to urge the warring nations not to use vacuum bombs, and stay away from chemical warfare.
Appreciating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diplomacy and foreign policy, Maharaj said that India has emerged as a powerful nation in the world today. The manner in which all Indians, including Uttarakhandis, are being brought home in large numbers is commendable. It is clear f that India is moving towards the role of Vishwa Guru.