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Ministers of BJP Govt indulging in road hooliganism: Mahara

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 3 Jun: Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Karan Mahara, today lashed out at the ministers of BJP Government in the state, for display of road hooliganism and he demanded that the governor sack such ministers who show such muscle power on roadMahara was referring to the incident in which some persons allegedly thrashed a young man in front of Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi, in Dakra Bazar in Garhi Cantt yesterday. He also referred to the incident where Cabinet Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal had allegedly beaten a person in Doiwala some weeks ago.
Though, the viral video of yesterday’s incident does not show anywhere that the minister too indulged in any such act or it is also not clear whether those beating the young man were the staff of Joshi as his presence at the spot was reportedly coincidental, but in a statement issued today, Mahara claimed that Ganesh Joshi and his henchmen thrashed a young man because he was obsessed with power.
Attacking the government in the case of assault on the general public by the ministers of the state government, Mahara claimed that Chief Minister Dhami has been defending the ministers involved in such unruly incidents, adding that had the CM and the Police taken proper cognisance of the first incident involving Aggarwal, yesterday’s incident would not have happened.
State Congress President, Karan Mahara, further claimed that two types of system and laws are working in the country. One set of laws is for the general public and other for the BJP leaders who get preferential treatment.
Karan Mahara called upon Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to follow Rajdharma as Chief Minister and said that he should work to restrain the members of his cabinet and the legislators and leaders of his government and sack the ministers involved in unruly behaviour on streets.