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Modi behaving like king not PM: Rahul Gandhi



DEHRADUN, 5 Feb: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi today reached Uttarakhand and addressed rallies in Kichha and Haridwar today. He first landed at Pantnagar Airport and addressed rallies of the farmers in Udham Singh Nagar, and later he reached Haridwar where he not only addressed a rally but also participated in a door to door campaign and also participated in Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri. The rallies were basically virtual rallies but he was physically present in Uttarakhand to address them. In his virtual rallies, Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of behaving like a king who did not listen to his subjects! During the virtual rally at Bhagat Singh Chowk in Haridwar, Rahul Gandhi said that Congress was making four promises to the people of Uttarakhand. Congress Government would give employment to 4 lakh persons and would give LPG cylinder for Rs 500 and would implement Nyaya Scheme under which Rs 40,000 per annum would be given every year to 5 lakh families. Rahul Gandhi further promised providing medical facilities at the doorstep. He also claimed that the Congress had promised loan waiver to the farmers of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Punjab and had done that. Rahul Gandhi said that a few days ago he had said in Parliament that two countries were being made out of one country India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where one India belonged to the select capitalists and other India was consisting of workers and small traders and Modi did not care about them. He claimed that Narendra Modi is not the prime minister, but the king of 21st century. After addressing the rally, Rahul Gandhi reached Har Ki Pauri and performed Ganga Pujan. During this, he also performed Jalabhishek. Passes were issued to selected 1000 leaders who attended the public meeting in physical form. All the 11 candidates of the district and big leaders of the state were physically present at the rally. Earlier, in Terai, he tried to appease farmers and claimed that Modi behaved like a king. Only Congress was capable of respecting the farmers, he further claimed. He said that hundreds of farmers lost their lives in the agitation but the Modi Government could not care any less. A public meeting was organised by the Congress party in the Mandi complex located in Kichha of Udham Singh Nagar district. The public meeting, which was to be held from 11 am, could only start at 1 pm due to Rahul Gandhi arriving two hours late. Before Rahul Gandhi, all the candidates of the Congress party addressed the public in turn. Rahul Gandhi said that he would like to congratulate the farmers for standing like a mountain against the three farm laws forcing the government to take back the laws and the farmers had shown the truth to the Government of India. Gandhi claimed that Manmohan Singh’s time was a golden period because at that time there was a partnership between farmers and the government. The doors of the government were open. They could say what was in their heart to the government because there was a Prime Minister in India at that time, but now there is a king in today’s India. Narendra Modi is the king, not the prime minister, who does not listen to the public. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that Pant University had brought laurels to the entire country through the Green Revolution. He said that Indira Gandhi was the mother of White Revolution, Green Revolution and Milk Revolution, etc. He assured that the Congress government would be formed from Jaspur to Munsiyari and he praised Rahul Gandhi multiple times in his speech.