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Modi Govt is anti-farmer: Karan Mahara


PCC announces support to AICC call for Bharat Bandh

By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 14 February: Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee (UKPCC), on the call of the All India Congress Committee, has announced full support to the nationwide ‘Bharat Bandh’ called on 16 February by farmers’ unions across the country on various issues related to farmers.

State Congress President Karan Mahara addressed all the District and Mahanagar Congress Committees, Block and City Congress Committees, affiliated organisations of the party, State Kisan Congress office bearers and those of various Congress ancillary bodies, today, and urged them to support and participate in full strength in the Bharat Bandh announced for 16 February by the unions. Mahara also appealed to the small traders, unemployed youth, truck drivers, pensioners and even journalists to join the Bharat Bandh movement on the announced day.

Mahara claimed that whenever the history of the world will be written, the ten-year tenure of the Modi government will be remembered as the worst period of governance and as a period full of cruelty, barbarity, repression and oppression against the farmers. He said that in these ten years, the Modi government has always worked to suppress the voices of farmers, the poor, labourers, unemployed, women and the downtrodden through the exercise of power. While the Union Government has converted Delhi into a police cantonment after the farmers of the country raised their voice for justice, the BJP governments of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have started suppressing the farmers on their borders.

The State Congress President said that all-round ‘fortification’ of Delhi has been done by the BJP governments to stop the farmers from entering Delhi by laying big spears and nails on the roads. Not only this, the BJP government of Haryana has dug ten feet deep and fifteen feet wide trenches between Ratia and Budlada Road. The entire road has been closed on the Ghaggar river bridge between Punjab and Haryana with huge iron nails and spears, barbed wire fencing, huge cement pillars and chassis of old vehicles. All round oppression of farmers is being seen across the country. The Modi Government is scared of the farmer’s cry for justice.

Karan Mahara said that the Congress Party has questioned the cruel and arrogant rulers in power in Delhi and is asking why can’t the farmers come to the country’s capital Delhi to demand justice from the Modi Government. Do the farmers not have the freedom to come even within a hundred kilometres of the periphery of Delhi?