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Modi Govt selling national assets to ‘friends’: Cong


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 1 Sep: All India Congress Committee spokesperson Prof Gaurav Vallabh and State Congress President Ganesh Godiyal, while addressing a joint press conference organised in the State Congress Auditorium here, today, described the policies of the Modi government as anti-people and anti-employment. They claimed that the Modi Government was selling prestigious national assets to private individuals because it had failed on every front.
Vallabh alleged that Modi was handing over the assets created by the hard earned money of the country’s taxpayers to his ‘friends’. To facilitate his friends, h e had also arranged loans for them from the public sector banks to enable them to take over these national assets.
He further claimed that the Modi Government was actively engaging in a vicious circle of looting the public assets. He asserted that the Congress party and the citizens of this country would never allow the government to succeed in this malicious objective of plunder. Under no circumstances would the Congress allow the country to be sold out, he added!
Vallabh stated that, over the last 7 years, a constant decline was seen in all spheres of public and social life. All possible attempts had been made to discredit the efforts of the previous generations. Despite all of that, the current Modi government had failed to create value in the social or economic spheres. It was, therefore, now resorting to selling the assets built up by the sweat and blood of millions of Indians over the past 7 decades. He claimed that public assets worth Rs Six Lakh Crores had been put on sale by the Modi Government. During its rule, the Modi Government had failed to create any notable value assets for the nation.
The Congress spokesman further alleged that Modi Government had put 27,000 Kilometres of Highways, 6,000 Megawatts of power generation, 28,000 kilometres of Power Transmission Lines, 8,000 kilometres of Gas Pipeline, 210 lakh metric tonnes of food-grain storage, 2.86 lakh kilometres of Telecom Fibre, 15,000 Telecom Towers, 25 airports, 9 ports, 761 mining blocks, 2 national stadiums, Rs 1.52 lakh crores worth of Railways assets on sale. He added that all these assets had been built over 67 years post-independence by the Congress Party along with the blood and sweat of the entire nation.
Congress MLA Manoj Rawat, State General Secretary, Organisation, Mathura Dutt Joshi, State Media In-charge Rajiv Mahrshi, Spokespersons Dr Pratima Singh, Surat Singh Negi, Garima Dasauni, Rajesh Chamoli, Deep Bohra were also present at the press conference.