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Modi Govt working only for two industrialists: Priyanka Gandhi


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun/Khatima, 12 Feb: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was in Uttarakhand today on the last day of the campaign. She was in Khatima today where she addressed a rally. It may be recalled that Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is contesting from Khatima, which is traditional constituency and Vadra was here to campaign against Dhami in favour of Congress candidate Bhuwan Kapri.
Priyanka Gandhi attacked the Modi government in Khatima. She claimed that the Modi government was a government of only two industrialists. The policies of the whole country were being made and implemented only in the interest of two industrialists who were personal friends of PM Modi. She also claimed that in the budget, nothing had been allocated for the poor, farmers, middle class, small and medium traders. She sought to remind the people that the biggest duty of a political leader was to serve the people and not some select corporate leaders or serve themselves. All the BJP leaders in the country and in Uttarakhand including the Chief Minister were working for their own welfare not for the public welfare. They were thinking of their own development and not that of the country or the state. Gandhi said that no one in the BJP was thinking about the people. Migration was a huge problem in Uttarakhand and this was happening because no jobs were being created in Uttarakhand.
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that Uttarakhand had been blessed with everything, the Himalayas, te nature, tourism opportunities, but no employment and this situation was forcing people to migrate from the state in search of jobs and employment opportunities.
Priyanka Gandhi said that the Prime Minister had said that Congress had provoked the migrant workers to return to their native places for the sake of politics, but Congress had actually helped them return safely as there was no facility for them provided by the government. They were walking on the streets and Congress could not have left them like that. The Congress was doing its duty not playing politics. She claimed that Congress would definitely come to power in Uttarakhand because people were tired of BJP government here.
She asked the chief minister what he was going to do to check inflation and increase the employment and what he had planned towards welfare of the women. She claimed that BJP had encouraged corruption in five years. The policies and bad intentions of the government had brought the state on the verge of collapse. The hand of Congress was always with Uttarakhand. The BJP government had failed to provide employment and had pushed the youth to suffer unemployment. Congress would provide them jobs and employment, she promised and claimed that Congress would give employment to four lakh youth in Uttarakhand. She also claimed that there were potholes in the roads in the area of Chief Minister Dhami.
In Srinagar, Priyanka Gandhi praised the hard working women of Uttarakhand and said that Congress would ensure that they were empowered and more capable. This was the dream of the Congress party, she claimed. She reiterated that the biggest problem in the state was unemployment, second problem was high inflation and it also suffered from lack of health facilities. BJP governments worked for the rich only and women here had to bear the burden of inflation. A gas cylinder in the hills was costing Rs 2000, she claimed.
The Congress leader claimed that the BJP government had not done anything for the people here. Nothing had been done to fill the vacant posts here. Demonetisation and GST were imposed on the people which resulted in huge suffering for the small traders. The entire country was being mortgaged to just two persons. She also claimed that the allocation for the health education had not been increased in the budget. BJP was not fit to run a stable government. Only BJP leaders and their industrialist friends had prospered under the BJP rule. The minister’s son, who had crushed the farmers, had been released.