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Monkey rehab centre inaugurated by the CM

DEHRADUN, 27 Jun: Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat inaugurated a Monkey Rescue, Birth control and Rehabilitation Centre at Danibangar district Nainital,
under CAMPA scheme. The total area of the centre is approximately 109 hectares. With approximate 25 cr allocated in total, in Phase 1 Rs 2 crore have been alloted. Total  house capacity is 3100 individuals.
Total proposed sterilization capacity is 10,000 individuals annually.
The proposed centre as of now is the biggest Monkey rescue centre in the country. Monkeys will be brought from Nainital and US Nagar Districts and nearby areas and sterilised and released in the wild.
Diseased, Injured and handicapped monkeys will be rescued, treated and may be permanently rehabilitated in the centre.
The centre has six enclosures with 24 sub enclosures in totality, a veterinary hospital and all the facilities as per CZA norms .