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Monthly Yoga Meet held at Vidhan Sabha



Dehradun, 21 Jul: Yogacharya Savita Upadhyay trained employees of the Vidhan Sabha in its premises, today, to ward off seasonal diseases and develop immunity by performing various yogic exercises. She also emphasised the need for a balanced diet.

Following an initiative taken by Speaker Premchand Agarwal, yoga is practiced on the 21st of every month. At the 38th such event, today, Savita Upadhyay said that, not only does yoga increase inner energy it also keeps the mind and psyche in good health. Its regular practice warded off illness.

She pointed out that Corona did not affect yoga practitioners as much as others. She urged people to practice it regularly particularly in light of the possible third wave.

She reminded that the employees often had to sit at one place while performing their duties, which is why they needed to practice yoga even more. She was felicitated by the employees on the occasion with a shawl and Gangajal.

Present on the occasion were Secretary Mukesh Singhal, Pramod Pandey, Hem Gurani, Bharat Chauhan, Rajendra Chaudhary, Deep Chandra, Harish Chauhan, Kapil Dhoni, Rakesh Pal, Balam Bagadwal, Kishore Pandey, Kailash Adhikari, Shekhar Chandra Kandpal, Mahipal Mahra, Chandrapal, Saraswati, Meenakshi, Vivek Chamola, Gaurav, Sonu Kumar, etc.