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Mother Earth & Women feed the world: Dr Vandana Shiva



DEHRADUN, 6 Mar: “Earth and women are the real nurturers of the world. While we get food and other essential things of life from the earth, a woman takes care of her family with the best values. Women are moving forward step by step with men in this era. Today, there is a big challenge of pure food in the country and the world,” said Dr Vandana Shiva, here, today.

“Global companies have tried to destroy our seeds to push the hybrid seeds and chemicals, while due to chemical fertilisers and pesticides, our fields are continuously getting polluted and the food grains are getting poisoned. In such a situation, the role of woman as a housewife, as a mother and as a farmer increases even more. It is women who pass on the legacy of our knowledge from one generation to the next,’’ stated Dr Vandana Shiva. She was speaking at an ‘Eco Feminism’ programme underway at Navdanya Biodiversity and Conservation Farm, Ramgarh, in the context of Women’s Week.

Along with two dozen women farmers from Chakrata, Dehradun and Uttarkashi, a total of 26 girl students from Switzerland, England, France, Australia, Italy, Hungary and India were also present. These students participated in a 3-day course on Eco Feminism and received a certificate. On this occasion, a total of 70 people including women farmers partook of traditional organic food prepared by the women farmers present.

The regional women farmers prepared traditional food and dishes in Navdanya’s kitchen. Aruna Negi from Dehradun shared information on saving Dehraduni Basmati. Farmer Priya Devi, who came from Chakrata, brought Chakrata Rajma; Vineeta Devi, mashed potatoes; Sarita Rana, Amaranth; Amina Devi from Uttarkashi, Mandua; Vimala Devi, Laldhaan; while Savita Devi talked about Nettle grass and its medicinal importance. Narmada Devi gave information on Uttarakhandi dishes like Arsa and Aska.

Senior member of Navdanya, Dr Meera Shiva said that, in the present era, it is becoming difficult to get pure food due to spraying of pesticides; the toxins found in food are the main reasons for diseases like cancer. In such a situation, raising a family is a big challenge.

She affirmed, “Women are the carriers of knowledge received from grandmothers. If they keep the traditional knowledge of food and health alive in daily activities, then surely we can keep ourselves, our families and the country and the world healthy through our biodiversity and healthy ways of living.”

At the beginning of the event, Maya Govardhan, a senior member of the organisation, informed the participants about the functions of seed conservation. The actions of Navdanya against the patenting of Dehradun Basmati and Neem were recalled. Also shared were 35 years of Navdany are generating Indigenous Biodiversity and Food Heritage.

An exhibition on seed and Navdanya literature was also organised on this occasion. The students present from across the country and abroad sang the collective Bijak song and the women farmers from Purola presented the Tandi song. The programme was coordinated by Dr Preeti with the help of Navdanya members.