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MoU signed between ‘House of Himalayas’ & ‘Women on Wings’



Dehradun, 20 Feb: The ‘House of Himalayas Company’ and its umbrella brand have been formed to increase the reach, improve quality, ensure standardised packaging, branding and marketing of all the branded products of the state.

In the first phase, the process of opening House of Himalayas brand outlets/stores in Delhi and Dehradun is also in progress.

Women on Wings (WoW) is a Netherlands based non-governmental organisation, which has been working since 2007 in the field of creating sustainable livelihoods and increasing employment of women in rural areas. At present, the organisation is working with more than 50 social enterprises across India and state institutions of Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

For the purpose of assistance in developing a Business Plan/Road Map for Branding/Marketing of House of Himalayas, a non-financial Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been executed between Uttarakhand Gramya Vikas Samiti (UGVS) and Women on Wings (WoW), under which WoW will prepare SoP for the operation of House of Himalayas Company, to establish the brand as a Scalable and Sustainable Brand, with appropriate Business Strategy.

The effort will be on Branding, Marketing, Product Pricing, Positioning, Supply Chain Creation, Capacity Building of Human Resource, etc., helping UGVS/House of Himalayas create sustainable livelihood for women producers.

This initiative of the Rural Development Department has been appreciated by Chief Secretary Radha Raturi. She has directed speedy opening of the website and stores of House of Himalayas.