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‘Mountain Terrain Bike Hike’ undertaken by IMA Cadets


Dehradun, 6 Apr: The spirit of adventure is at the core of military training at the Indian Military Academy, here. As part of mid-term break activities, a ‘Mountain Terrain Bike Hike’ was recently organised by the Academy for its Gentlemen Cadets.
The team, comprising 48 Gentlemen Cadets and three Officers of the Indian Military Academy, covered a distance of approximately 450 km over seven days before returning on 3 April. The Gentlemen Cadets enjoyed the beautiful hills and valleys while cycling through the wild and open spaces for a period of five days and four nights – almost 10-12 hours a day. They traversed places like Nagthat, Lakhamandal, Andie village and Moriyana Top.
The hike provided exposure to Gentlemen Cadets to local places of cultural and historical value, as well as the opportunity to interact with local citizens. The thrill and challenge experienced through the hike is expected to encourage them to take on more such adventures in the future.