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Musical ‘Aladdin’ staged by Vibrations in Doon


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 4 Jul: ‘Vibrations the Dance Studio’ was founded by Harshit Gupta and Abhinav Bhattacharya on 25 April, 2014. For the last eight years, Vibrations has done remarkable work in the field of dance. Vibrations started with a professional certified course summer batch in 2018, at which participants were trained by professional trainers from around the country.

This year, also, Vibrations organised “Groundwork”, a Certified Professional Dance & Theatre Training programme. “Aladdin”, the first-ever musical produced by a dance studio in Dehradun, was showcased with 80 participants at the Hari Singh Auditorium, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy), here. This is the first time any dance studio has taken the initiative to train people of Dehradun for a musical theatrical performance open to anyone in the age group of 6 to 60.

This programme helped Dehradun to expand its cultural perspective through the medium of formal training by professionally trained choreographers. Participants were trained for a month in over 10 dance styles; acting; stage management; show management; property making; and a lot more artistic things required to produce a stage show. Along with this, it will be a great opportunity for participants to perform on stage with an unparalleled experience of elevating and professional training.

In the present challenging time, it is extremely urgent to engage society in the creative processes that will strengthen secular forces. This programme will channelize the energy and focus of the people of Dehradun towards positive things.

Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) has always helped and motivated artists to come up with new ideas and possibilities to promote and protect the heritage culture and artists of the state. Encouragement was received from IGNFA Director Bharat Jyoti, Additional Director SK Awasthi and  Estate Offcier / Associate Professor Kalunge Gorakh Waman in the endeavour.

The actors were Aladdin – Ishan, Jasmine- Sanjana, Genie- Shrikant, Jafar- Vitesh, Sultan- Gurpreet, Lago- Kartik, Aladdin’s friends- Shubh & Snehal, Jasmin’s friend – Priyanshi, Witch- Rashmi, Guards- Ashvin, Vasu, Ujjwal & Sushil, Sellers- Suraj,Vikas & Rishika.

The dance instructors were Harshit Gupta, Abhinav Bhattacharya, Chetna Dhobal, Saurabh Thapa and Arshleen Kaur. The Director and trainer for Actors were Path Joshi and Siddhant Arora. The Production Team included Rachit Gupta, Ashu Satvika Goyal, Purvahi Pawa, Megha Kimothi and Ananya Singh (Dehradun Graffiti). Also, Sound – Shubh Sahota- Plunex Studios / Lights – Pancheel Events / Clothes Kayra Creations / Camera Team- Payal’s Click / Makeup Fashion TV salon Academy/ Caprious Shine Services / Volunteers Joy.