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Mussoorie Police takes preventive measures against Corona


Mussoorie, 4 Nov: Special attention is being preventing the spread of the Covid pandemic by the police and health department in Mussoorie. Corona Antigen and RT.PCR tests are being done in the streets and mohallas here. The administration has issued an alert light of the increasing cases of corona in Delhi. Special attention is being paid by the police on tourists coming from outside. All the hotels and restaurants have been instructed to follow the government-issued SOPs. The administration has specifically instructed the hotel operators to inform the health department and the police immediately if any tourist is found to have signs of corona infection.
Mussoorie Police In-charge Devendra Aswal said today that the influx of tourists in Mussoorie is constantly increasing. Special attention is being given to the wearing of masks and adopting social distancing. Action is being taken against those who violate the rules. Circulars are being put up outside the shops and establishments. Those found violating the rules are being booked under sections of the IPC. Dr Javed, on the other hand, said that following the corona tests, till now, very few had been found to be infected.