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I have been commuting regularly from Pacific Golf Estate to Rajpur Road via the helipad road. For the last one year, I waited every day to see some improvement in the cleanliness but no result. It was expected that at least during the Investors Summit the city will be a bit cleaner. However, it is getting worse as is evident from the pictures that I have clicked with my mobile camera. The minister gives a statement that no livestock will be on the road, then what is this. Is this how we are going to improve our rank in the clean city stakes? The cows and bulls are ingesting the garbage which is not only a disturbing sight but, also, all that polythene is injurious to their health. Our beautiful valley roads are polluted. Near every garbage can this sight is visible. I am sure a contract must have been awarded for cleaning and picking up the garbage but either the contractor doesn’t employ enough workers or the staff doesn’t work. I have often noticed them sitting and gossiping as there is no supervision. Do we have the will or the means to tackle this problem? Even I think twice about going near the open dustbin on the roadside to dump any trash.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a few suggestions.

1) Have bigger and covered bins to collect garbage.

2) The bins should be cleaned at least monthly if not weekly (to be stipulated in the cleaning contract).

3) Heavy fines should be imposed on the contractor if the terms of the contract not followed.

4) The surrounding area should be disinfected.

5) Discourage people from polythene use (can the government not ban its use?). Occasionally, a drive to ban polythene is undertaken but seldom followed up.

6) Pick-up the garbage during the night.

7) Educate the general public, especially the tourists, about keeping the city clean.

8) All the cows and other livestock must belong to someone. If found on the roadside, capture and tie them up at the nearest police station, to be released only after a fine, which should be doubled after every successive capture. (Earlier, also, this was suggested).


Does Painting the boundary walls on both sides of the road in a cacophony of colours make the city smart and beautiful? It does not. I am sure a number of people will agree with me (carry out a survey). The natural beauty of our valley has been destroyed by these paintings which have no harmony. If one wall is painted yellow and black, the opposite one is blue and red. Why can we not maintain its natural beauty? The colours are jarring to the eyes and sensibilities and also distract the drivers. Some boundary walls look like those of a kindergarten school. What purpose did this serve? Plain subdued colours matching the environment could have been applied to enhance the natural look. A request to the powers that are, please do not destroy the Doon Valley as we have known it – ‘green hedges and grey hair’. Now, Is mounds of garbage, stray cattle, rash drivers and awful boundary walls.