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“My dreams have always inspired me”


Exclusive interview with Carman School ICSE Topper, Quba Zahir


You’ve scored 99%, what does it feel like? How is your family celebrating it?

After the declaration of the result, I felt tremendous happiness and was literally in tears. It’s like a dream come true!
My mother was so delighted, since it’s her hard work and strict rules that have made me capable. My father has been distributing sweets among the friends and acquaintances. They will also be throwing a party for my friends.

How did you prepare for your ICSE board exams?

The best thing I did was to not buy a phone until my boards. Isolation from social media and other acquaintances kept me focused. I used to study 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. My teachers and parents were a great help during this period of time.

Whom would like to give credit for your success?

First, I would thank God, my parents and teachers who have always supported me and encouraged me to advance forward – my English teacher, Pooja Ma’am, for always helping me, Mr Pradeep and my Principal, Mr Greg sir. My sister has been a pillar of support for me, as well.

Apart from academic excellence, how has your participation been in extracurricular activities?

I love singing, drama and I am usually involved in Olympiads.

The post-Covid world would demand a different education system. Do you think the online education system would achieve the holistic development of the students?

Many people in India are poor and they do not have access to the internet…so this would be a problem for such children to advance in their studies. Hence, online education would not be sustainable and inclusive for a long time.

What kept you inspired throughout the process?

My dreams have always inspired me. I also dream of going to London. So, I always want to work hard and step up the ladder. The happiness on my parents’ and my grandparents’ face has inspired me the most….my teachers have motivated me a lot.

What suggestions would you want to give the students preparing for exams during the lockdown?

If the children really want to score good marks then the one thing that they can do is to quit using mobile phones for some time and stay away from the social networking sites.

What are your future plans?

I want to pursue Association of Charted Accountancy (ACCA) in the near future after my 12th. I also dream of shifting to London.