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My Journey during the Lockdown


By Sumit Khandelwal

No one thought that life could throw such a hurdle in 2020, where we would need to isolate ourselves to stay safe from the unknown and dangerous Covid-19 virus. Every news channel these days is just talking about this virus which is spreading all across the globe today and has surrounded everyone from all directions leaving many unwell and causing untold fatalities.

Life has changed completely! Sitting at home as compared to a busy and demanding lifestyle is quite a shocker. Initially, my anxiety level would shoot up each time the lockdown got extended. What is going to happen? What about my work? It took me many days to accept the fact that nothing could be done and that the only option was to be with in total isolation with my family in the safety of my home for the safety of all.
The future is uncertain and to meet it we all have to survive and remain healthy.

These days I spend most of my time with my children. They are growing fast and watching them learn and grow everyday is a privilege, which because of business demands would rarely be accorded at other times. I was asked by my wife, Vertica, to understand my inner self now as this is the right time to go deep within. My morning always goes into meditation. With the current situation, it’s difficult to have a still mind but my consistent practice has now made me more mindful. It gives me immense peace.

One day, I was surfing the internet and came across many videos on the Bhagvad Gita. Nowadays, I spend my afternoons watching these videos and gain inspiration from them. How true it is to understand the self and uplifting the self’s vibrations now makes sense to me. I’m taking one more step towards my spiritual journey.

I spend time helping the ladies of the house and have long discussions with my father. This time will never come back, so I practice an attitude of gratitude for this time of togetherness with my loved ones.

In today’s day and age, everyone is connected with each other through the internet. With the overflow of information, news and insights – it is very easy to become frustrated, negative and anxious. Indeed, we all must deal with this in our own way. I, too, am learning to manage my emotions during these trying times. Keeping a positive outlook and allowing the positive energy to flow has helped me vastly. There is a lot of flora and fauna around my residence. Our Doon valley is so beautiful. Staying close to nature provides some stillness of mind. It is important to remember that this trying time too shall pass. The world has changed and we must deal with these changes positively and constructively once the lockdown ends. Till then staying safe at home and taking care of our health are the best and the only choice.

(Sumit Khandelwal is the founder of the reputed Dehradun-based multi-cuisine restaurant brand, “Anandam”. Sumit completed his schooling from The Doon School and took over the family business in 2001 after spending a couple of years learning the trade and successfully growing the family business year on year, he went on to establish Anandam in 2009. His core focus at the time was to create a celebratory and happy environment for his employees and customers. Anandam is growing exponentially and currently has 5 restaurants and 2 outlets in Dehradun).