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My Opinion – Today


By Pooja Marwah

I am often asked what my inspiration is.
I am often asked how I envision aspects of relationships and lay them out bare.
I am often questioned on my unparalleled belief.

Oh, and… I am more than often asked my age. Not that I mind. I have no pretentious airs of ‘you can’t ask a woman her age’ or comment on her streaks of grey. I am three years past my fourth decade and proud to be there.

A lot has been achieved and a lot more is left to be discovered. But there is no rush. There is a sense of calm amidst all the noise around. It’s almost as though the thundering ravenous clouds are aching to burst and have their downpour, after which there will neither be a sign of a cloud nor the deafening sound of thunder. It will be done. All that the next day would bring is bright sunshine and fresh dew.

But that is the way I think. An opinion that I have. It may or may not work for you or perhaps tomorrow I may change it myself for I am not my opinion. I may want to change your mind about something but I am open to changing mine too. I argue with respect and with reason, which you may or may not agree to, and that is totally ok, for in the end… it’s just an opinion. It’s not my life. A wise man once told me, “If you can’t allow your mind to change, how do you think you will progress?” And this holds true for every aspect of life.

In a random conversation with the man of my house, we stumbled upon a battle of opinions regarding a situation. On the surface, there appeared to be no solution but being an eternal optimist has its added advantage. I am a firm believer of ‘everything happens for a reason…’ even though at times, this belief has me staring upwards with my hands on my curves, saying ‘Like, really?’

An opinion is a statement of your own belief. It stems from experience or from wisdom. It can actually also stem from figments of imagination!!! But having one doesn’t allow you to impose it. You can share it and voice it but you can’t really enforce it to others.

When I meet people who have something to say about pretty much everything on earth, I actually find traces of resentment and unfilled desires in them. It’s almost a lack of conversation they have for once they state their take on something, by rule of law, everyone should agree. But that is not how life functions. You may want to assert your own ways and thoughts but not everyone is going to agree. It takes a lot for people to have an opinion and yet be open to listening to the other. Maybe they have a more interesting take, just maybe they could show you an insight like you never thought possible… But you would only know if you had it in you to listen.

I take my inspiration from people I meet every day. From the grocer to the hairdresser… from friends to acquaintances, from soulmates to lovers. I find people very fascinating, for they exhibit such a varied range of emotions. Everyone has their own way of expressing joy or anger and it’s unique to their own personality.

Relationships today have the most complex dynamics. They require an insane amount of work on a daily basis. They evolve everyday and as changes come in, equations differ and problems arise with a wide plethora of solutions. And yes, in this case, variety is not always the spice of life!!! Someday’s you just want it simple.

Belief comes from a grounded knowing. It comes from lack of fear, for deep within you know that this too shall pass. It gives me the strength to stand up and fight for what it real, without really saying a word. There is no animosity nor any envy for when you have an unshakeable belief, the mightiest of them are forced to bow down. So, in all this noise around, I find my melody and hum to it, oblivious!

These are just thoughts I have a random conversation with some days. And like I said earlier, it is an opinion I have Today. We are all born of free will and are allowed to change or alter it as time passes by.

Isn’t that the greatest AI of the future?? AI=Acquired Intelligence!

(Pooja Poddar Marwah is an award winning author
and Blogger. She writes on contemporary living and
offers incisive reflections on the world around us.
Her blog, Random Conversations is a go to guide to deal with the myriad struggles we face each day.)