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Nanhi Dunya celebrates 77 years of Commitment & Joy

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 18 Nov: Nanhi Dunya is “The International (Intercultural) movement of children & Their Friends’.” On 17th November 1946, Prof Lekh Raj Ulfat (founder) sowed the seeds of this movement intending to nurture childhood and serve humanity, in northern India. In 1953 he was joined by his wife H Sadhana Ulfat and their colleagues attended to people’s greatest needs and strove to expand this movement. It was a humble beginning with 8 tiny tots and 3 adults gathering for the first time on a blanket under a huge Silvery Oak and singing “Dunya Ko Swarg Bana Denge” (we will transform this world into heaven.) They were the first members of Nanhi Dunya Bal Sabha, Children’s Republic. This weekly children’s club and recreation centre became very popular. The membership swelled and Bal Sabha multiplied. Some connections were established with individuals and organizations from different parts of the world that had similar aims and objectives as Nanhi Dunya.
The celebrations of the founder’s day begin early in the morning with Prabhat Pheri followed by prayers to the rising sun. Manish and Anmol guided the children in the morning ceremony during which they sang melodious songs. It was followed by Hawan &  Sarvedharm Prarthana. Children also sang songs full of optimism and an essence of purity could be sensed all around the place. Tamanna, Anjali and Yuvraj provided a bird’s eye view of Nanhi Dunya’s activities and guiding spirit. Multiple cultural activities were conducted which included children from all the classes, presenting dance performances which left us all mesmerised. The participants presented a “used empty matchbox” containing a coin to Kiran Ulfat Goyal. The main force behind this gesture has a special meaning, it conveys that each individual has the divine power of giving and we should learn to respect children and accept that they have a unique place in our lives.
Guest of Honour Suhird Pal Singh, Chairman of Sardar Bhagwan Singh University blessed children and graced the function with his positive message for the children that Nanhi Dunya is really not small but very much vast in its teachings and how they guide children who would be our future generations. He also expressed that the hand of Nanhi Dunya is there for nurturing every child in its own way, he also conveyed that as days are identical in all size and shapes but what matters the most is how we utilize them and every child can be groomed into a good citizen.
Many dignitaries namely, VP Jain, Vijay Goyal, NC Upadhya, Purnma, Heena many Social workers and educationist blessed the Nanhi Dunya community. Bhuwanesh Khanduri, representative of the Natraj Publications, congratulated and gave out several gifts to the children, as a token of appreciation. The program was anchored by Kavita.
In the evening, the whole Nanhi Dunya community gathered together to conduct “Deepmala” – a longstanding practice at Nanhi Dunya where children form a spiral shape  standing  at short distances from each other and light their candles one by one in the same pattern and also keep moving slowly, which is an alluring and peaceful experience to witness.