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 Nanhi Dunya Movement celebrated



DEHRADUN, 17 Nov: Nanhi Dunya (The International Movement of Children and their Friends) completed 72 years of dedication and service to the welfare of children. Nanhi Dunya was founded in 1946 by Prof. Lekh Raj Ulfat, later he was joined by his wife H. Sadhna Ulfat. Together they strove for expansion of activities and evolution of the movement.

It was a humble beginning with eight tiny tots and three adults gathered for the first time on a blanket singing under a huge Silvery Oak  “Dunya ko swarg bana denge (we will transform this world into heaven)”. They were the first members of Nanhi Dunya Bal Sabha, Children’s Republic. This weekly children’s club and recreation centre became very popular. The membership swelled and Bal Sabha multiplied. It became a movement of children and their friends. Some connections were established with individuals and organizations in other countries with similar aims and objects.

The celebration of the Founders day began early in the morning with “Prabhat Pheri” followed by prayers to the rising sun. Ashu Satvika Goyal guided children in this morning ceremony during which they sang melodious songs. Many children from all other Nanhi Dunya centers came to greet the nature. The children were joined by their parents and other well wishers of Nanhi Dunya in this tradition being practiced since 72 years. It was followed by the ‘Sarva Dharma Prarthana’ and ‘Hawan’ at Nanhi Dunya School, Inder Road. Chantings infused the surroundings with positivity. A special ‘Satvik Bhoj’ was also prepared for the entire community.

Young artists of Avikal Nitin, Sumit, Siddhart, Abhimanyu Kochhar, Rajiv, Rudransh and Suraj mingled with children of Nanhi Dunya and did creative activities. They helped the students to try to have a different outlook of the nature and their surroundings; not to only look at trees as a supply for oxygen and food but to also recognize them as other beautiful living beings. Other than these activities the youngsters involved the students in deep conversations (with references to sunrise) and exercises that help get in-touch with ones inner being and the nature around them, while keeping the playful mood always alive.

Kiran U. Goyal thanked and appreciated all who accompanied Nanhi Dunya movement in this journey of 72 years. After thanking the trustees, volunteers, co-workers for their commitment and inspirational support for the development of the movement. She also spread the awareness for women and children welfare, their upcoming project Sadhna, and invited individuals who are willing to serve this charitable movement whole heartedly. The program was brought to an end with a vote of thanks to all the participants, media and guests for recognizing and inspiring Nanhi Dunya by their presence, support and love.