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Nanhi Dunya Sadhana Bhawan inaugurated by Heckschers



DEHRADUN, 26 Feb: Children, parents and friends of Nanhi Dunya School, Vikas Nagar branch, were presented the “Sadhana Ulfat Bhawan”, a new studio hall, on Monday. The well-known educationists and social workers from Sweden Ivar and Johanna Hackscher inaugurated the new hall. Their daughter Tora and 7-year-old granddaughter Harriot accompanied them. On the occasion, the children chanted the principle Mantras of India, reflecting the universal spirit of Nanhi Dunya movement. The presentation was initiated by Alok Ulfat, the chief education coordinator and trustee of Nanhi Dunya. He spoke of the five decade long relationship between the Heckschers and Ulfats of Nanhi Dunya. The inheritance of the educational ideas and spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Rudolf Steiner, Jiddu Krishnamurti had a strong presence in the environment of Nanhi Dunya’s learning centres. Most of the classes take place under the shades of green trees inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s Shanti Niketan. The peaceful, wonder filled and non-aggressive presence of the children and teachers deeply moved the Hechscher family. Walking through the classrooms, Ivar sensed that the children were in total harmony with nature and their class fellows. He also felt that the children played imaginatively and inclusively. He emphasised the need to build educational communities on slow pace basis. An organic process can only create imaginative children who can impart directions to their own life. On the occasion, a beautiful dance choreographed by Satvika Goyal was performed by the a group of 40 children dressed in vibrant traditional outfits performing folk dances and songs from north Indian states; Punjab (Bhangra a traditional harvest festival folk dance), Uttar Pradesh (kajri folk song) Uttarakhand (Garhwali pastoral folk dance), Himachal Pradesh (mountain folk dance), Rajasthan (Kalbelia), etc. Dance performances from countries like Poland, Georgia, Nepal, Iran, Kenya and Ukraine added global charm to the occasion. The guests were gifted by the school community and finally the Chief Promoter of Nanhi Dunya Movement Kiran Ulfat Goyal thanked all present. Vijay Goyal, Marcin Kamita from Poland, Gunjan Sethi, Sanjay Jain, Nitin Bansal, Abhi Kochhar, teachers and parents of other Nanhi Dunya branches were present on the occasion. Nanhi Dunya (The International Movement of Children & their Friends) celebrated on Wednesday 72 years service in the welfare of children, youth and women. Nanhi Dunya was founded in 1946 by Prof Lekh Raj Ulfat. Later, he was joined by his wife Sadhna Ulfat. Together, they strove for expansion of activities and evolution of the movement.