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National conference on ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’ commences at SRHU



Dehradun, 5 Apr: Experts from various fields discussed research priorities and action plans at a national conference held at SRHU on the subject of ‘Antimicrobial Resistance, here, today. Over 150 faculty members, including research scholars and students from across the country have congregated for the event.

Experts began brainstorming to resolve the issue of ‘Antimicrobial Resistance,’ that is becoming a serious concern for the world. More than 150 faculty members, including research scholars and students from across the country, are taking part.

This conference on ‘Antimicrobial Resistance – Research Priorities and Action Plans’ is being organised by the Research and Development Cell of SRHU. The Chief Guest, former Director-General of ICMR, Dr VM Katoch, mentioned that antimicrobial resistance is one of the major concerns of modern medicine. If not addressed in time, it could become more lethal in the future. Dr Katoch urged the students and researchers to conduct more research in this area to achieve better outcomes in the future.

The Vice-Chancellor of SRHU, Dr Rajendra Dobhal, shared the university’s contributions to research in this field, emphasising the scientific community’s role in combating antimicrobial resistance. The Director of Academic Development at SRHU, Dr Vijender Chauhan, stated that the purpose of such conferences would be fully realised only when doctors and experts in the field share their experiences extensively.

ICMR Scientist and Programme Officer, AMR, Dr Kamini Walia, and former Director of AIIMS, Bhopal, Dr Sarman Singh, highlighted the social impact post-COVID-19 through their online presentations. Dr Bindu De, Chairperson of the organising committee and Director of the Research & Development Cell, mentioned that the conference is bound to have a far-reaching impact on this important issue.

Dr Kamini Walia made her presentation online, while Dr Sarman Singh addressed the gathering, shedding light on recent developments and societal implications post-COVID-19 with regards to AMR.

A souvenir based on the conference was also released during the event. The conference, conducted by Garima Kapoor, saw the presence of Dr Mukesh Bijalwan, Dr Kiran Katoch, Dr Ashok Deorari, Dr Barnali, Organising Committee Secretary Dr Purandhi Rupmani, Dr Garima Mittal, Dr Nikku Yadav, among others.