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National Conference on Vision Uttarakhand 2040


DEHRADUN, 16 Feb: National Conference on Vision Uttarakhand 2040 agenda for Socio Economic Development was held at Doon University.
Dr. S. Farooq while addressing the audience on the subject said that there are two ways to look into future : either its rosy or horrific. The horrific facts are Uttarakhand falls under seismic zone V. Dams will fall, severe earthquake of magnitude 8 and above, global warming, floods, melting of glaciers can all occur. But on the opposite side it has rich biodiversity including medicinal plants, aromatic plants, organic farming, having tourism destinations, generation from large industrial sector etc.
Uttarakhand has 86% mountains and 65% covered by forest area with a population of 1.01 crore and boasts of 1.73 lakhs per capita GDP and ranks 20th in GDP rank with a growth of 6.77% in 2017-18. In view of above facts there are ample chances of growth in the state in the field of education, tourism, biodiversity and the last but not the least, it has human population that lives peacefully.
Other learned speakers were Dr. C S Nautiyal, Tarun Vijay, Dr. Vijay Dhasmana, Prof. A. N. Purohit, Mr. Pankaj Gupta, I. P. Saxena and Raj Bakhshi.