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National Consumer Rights Day celebrated collectively


DEHRADUN, 24 Dec: National Consumer Rights Day was celebrated under the auspices of ‘All India Consumers Council, Uttarakhand’, at 1, Inder Road, here, today. Many organisations of the town participated including school children and teachers. Dr Sushmita Sen Pandey, Member Secretary, Food Security Commission, was the Chief Guest, and Dr Kulsreshtha was the Special Guest.
The programme began with Advocate BD Nautiyal explaining how the Consumer Act works. Dr Kulshreshtha pointed out that, in the new act, the judicial element was being removed so that any bureaucrat could be made its chairman. He wanted that the lacunae in the previous act be corrected. J Dandona explained how the problems in banks could be resolved. S Talwar and BS Bajaj, Lajpat Sateeja, AC Singh and RP Bakshi also put across their points.
Dr Pandey explained about the problems being faced by the public unknowingly, as many items of daily consumption contained chemicals dangerous for health. She particularly mentioned nail polish, lipstick and other articles that indirectly entered the body and generated ailments. She also mentioned different sized front and back wheels fitted on two wheelers, which caused accidents.
Brig KG Behl (Retd), President, AICC, Uttarakhand, stated that the day was celebrated to make the public aware of consumer rights. Without a receipt of purchase, one did qualify as a consumer. He cited examples of advertisements that duped people. He made special mentioned of adulteration in milk/ Sushil Tyagi anchored the function.