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National Workshop on Earth Sciences concludes at IIT Roorkee



Roorkee, 29 Dec: A National Workshop on Earth Sciences held at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) concluded here, today.

The three-day event, organised by IIT Roorkee, brought together experts to discuss cutting-edge research trends, share insights, and identify key areas for further exploration in the realm of Earth Sciences. The workshop featured plenary talks, keynote addresses, and a multitude of oral and poster presentations.

The inaugural day commenced at the MAC Auditorium, featuring dignitaries, guests, and prominent figures in the Earth Sciences community. The address of Prof KK Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee, was read out by Prof Anand Joshi. Prof Pant, emphasised the institution’s unwavering commitment to advancing research and education in Earth Sciences since its inception in 1960.

Pant pointed out that generous support from sponsors, including ONGC Videsh, Horiba India, NRSC, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Leica Microsystems, Parsan, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Amaron, made this event possible. It would serve as a nationwide platform for showcasing scientific advancements, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the continual growth of Earth Sciences in India.

Organising Secretary Prof Sandeep Singh introduced the Chief Guest—a distinguished alumnus from the department’s class of 1987.  Chief Guest Sanjeev Tokhi, Director (Exploration) at ONGC Videsh Ltd, emphasised the critical need for net zero energy security development, correlating it with decisions made during CCOP23. He lauded the Department of Earth Sciences for its commitment to fostering excellence in research and collaboration. As a symbolic gesture, he installed the ONGC Videsh Trophy, recognising students with the highest CGPA in the departments of MSc (Applied Geology), Integrated MTech (Geological Technology), and Integrated MTech (Geophysical Technology) – intake through JEE and Integrated MTech (Geophysical Technology) intake through JEE.

ONGC awarded the prestigious ONGC Videsh Trophy to the highest-achieving students, namely Simran Guleriya (MSc Applied Geology), Yash Sanjay Kute (Int. MTech Geological Technology), and Akshay Kamath (Int. MTech Geophysical Technology).

The Guests of Honour were Dr Rajeev Gautam, President of Horiba India, an alumnus from the class of 1986 in the Department of BioSciences, and Dr Prakash Chauhan, Director of NRSC, who graduated from the department in the year 1990.

The technical sessions covered diverse topics, from Precambrian Geodynamics to Emerging Techniques in Earth Sciences, exploring the Himalayan geodynamics and natural hazard mitigation. Celebrating the rich history of IIT Roorkee’s Department of Earth Sciences, dating back to 1845, the workshop was a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange.

Prof Sandeep Singh, Organising Secretary, thanked the various organisations that generously supported the workshop.