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Need to give wider publicity to draft Master Plan: Anoop Nautiyal


SDC urges MDDA to extend date for feedback by public

By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 24 Apr: The SDC Foundation, led by activist Anoop Nautiyal, has urged the Mussoorie Dehra Development Authority (MDDA) to give wide publicity to the Master Plan so that proper feedback can be received from the people and various stakeholders. Nautiyal has also urged that MDDA extend the deadline on feedback from 30 April till the end of July.

It may be recalled that MDDA has made public the draft Master Plan 2041 on its portal and has invited suggestions and feedback on the Master Plan by 30 April. It may further be recalled that when the MDDA had released the draft of the previous Master Plan-2025 in 2006, it had given wide publicity and had even held press interactions, at which the then Additional Chief Secretary M Ramchandran and the then Town Planner had interacted with various bodies and organisations and the press. But this time, no such exercise has been undertaken. This has led to protests by various organisations including Resident Welfare Associations and other stakeholders.

Several Resident Welfare Associations and other civil organisations of Dehradun have become vocal and are registering objections regarding the draft of the Dehradun Master Plan-2041. This includes the SDC Foundation, an organisation working on many issues of Dehradun and Uttarakhand. However, instead of protesting, SDC has submitted several suggestions to the MDDA regarding the draft Master Plan in respect of possible public engagement. In these suggestions, the need has been stressed to spread awareness and detailed information about the master plan to maximum number of people and to register their suggestions and objections.

Anoop Nautiyal has stated that the SDC is submitting as many as 10 suggestions to MDDA in this regard. He said that, along with this, he will also send a letter to the Chairman of MDDA. The last date for taking suggestions and objections should be extended by three months to 31 July instead of the present deadline of 30 April, 2023.

Nautiyal said that people should be made aware about this draft by advertising in newspapers, electronic and social media. Along with this, meetings with the general public should be held. He also noted that the draft plan prepared is complicated and is not easily understood by the stakeholders. That’s why it is necessary that the draft should be translated into simple Hindi and an executive summary of 15-20 pages should also be made, so that people can easily and in less time understand the plan and give their opinion on it.

Ten Suggestions for Public Engagement to the MDDA on the Draft Master Plan have been made by Anoop Nautiyal on behalf of SDC Foundation. These suggestions are that people should be informed about the master plan by holding public meetings at public places in various wards; that Dehradun city should be divided into five zones namely North, South, East, West and Central and a meeting should be held every week; that 5 such meetings should be held in the next 5 weeks; that there are 34 thousand followers on the Facebook page of MDDA, but there is no information about the master plan on this page. Since 31 March, there has not been a single post on the Facebook page till 23 April. SDC has also suggested that the master plan should be publicised through the Facebook page and suggestions and objections invited from people in the form of comments; that the master plan should be widely publicised by giving advertisements in various newspapers, news channels and news portals; that a press conference should be held regarding the master plan and detailed information about the master plan should be held; that press notes should be issued regularly; that the draft of the plan should be translated into simple Hindi language and made available to the people; that an Email ID should be issued for suggestions and objections; that suggestions and objections of people should be invited through a call centre and, lastly, that the last date for receiving suggestions and objections should be extended by three months to 31 July, 2023, instead of 30 April, 2023.