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‘Neglected’ villages demand Govt attention



Dehradun, 21 Aug: Villagers of Maunda, Chiwan, Khapwari, Balawat have called up and said that the cloudburst has totally destroyed their orchards. As many as 40,000 to 50,000 boxes worth of apples remain on the trees unplucked, with many trees lying fallen on ground.
In the present mayhem, they cannot send these apples to the market. They are saying that everybody’s focus is on Arakot and their villages, which have suffered equally, are not getting due attention. They have got this crop after almost three unproductive years and if they do not get compensation they will be ruined.In the meanwhile, Pauri, Chamoli and Rudraprayag and other district hospitals are woefully short of specialists. The people have demanded that those availing reservation benefits must give back to society, too. The hill quota has been used for entry to medical colleges but there is no policy to go back and serve in the mountains!!
They must give back and work for a period in the hills’ underserved areas and help the tribes and castes with their medical skills.