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New Expenditure Heads



DEHRADUN, 4 Mar: Some new expenditure heads have been created in the budget 2020-21 according to the government. An amount of Rs 100 crores has been allocated for the Jamrani Dam project, Rs 180 crores for the CM Agriculture Development Project, Rs 300 crores for construction of medical colleges, Rs 100 crores for strengthening of urban infrastructure under AIIB. Rs 20 crores have been allocated for modernisation of the Police force, Rs 18 crores have been allocated for strengthening of public libraries in various districts, Rs 20 crores for setting up of Finance Data Centre, Rs 30 crores for Smart City project, Rs 1 crore for State Youth Commission, Rs 3.3 crores for maintenance of art galleries, Rs 20 crores for infrastructure in minority educational institutions, Rs 70 lakh for scholarships to meritorious students and Rs 140 crores for Tehri Lake development.