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New India: Dismantling the Nehruvian Order


(‘The Crusader: How Modi Won 2019 Elections’ by Randeep Sisodia)

Randeep Sisodia, a seasoned Leadership Coach and Management Consultant with experience of over two decades in the corporate sector, also shares a deep passion and understanding of Indian politics. This, coupled with his knowledge of the science behind the behaviour of people, leaders, and organisations, has provided him with the perfect opportunity to share his political insights with leadership as a backdrop. Thus came along his maiden non-fiction book, ‘The Crusader: How Modi Won 2019 Elections’.

‘The Crusader’ is a well-researched and informative account of how Prime Minister Modi won the election battle in 2019. This book examines the key events, the moves and counter-moves by the incumbent and the challengers that shaped the political narrative during Modi’s first term. It analyses why things happened, the way they happened and how Modi became victorious again. The author, in this book, takes us through the journey of PM Narendra Modi since 2014 and reveals how he goes about dismantling the Nehruvian order as he lays the foundation of a ‘New India’, which also happens to be the underlying theme of the book.

This book also answers the ever-eluding question of how to win people’s trust. Randeep brings to book his vast experience in leadership, human and organisational behaviour to lay down a leadership trust template, which defines the key parameters that the political parties and their leaders need to follow to win people’s trust.

The book covers a broad canvass, having an insightful take on forces that influence the Indian polity such as the media and the Khan Market Gang (KMG), while also analysing the dominant narratives of our times such as secularism and nationalism. The book is laced with metaphors and analogies, which helps to easily explain complex concepts while keeping the reader engaged.

The book ends on a high as the author deep-dives into India’s ancient past to rediscover the idea of India, which he likes to term as “an ancient idea of a new India – the idea that is the uniting factor in our unity in diversity”. He adds, “While Modi may have won the battle for 2019 but he continues to fight the war for the idea of India”. Randeep ends by saying – “Over the years, my deep interest and passion for politics have taught me two key things. First – politics is the most critical vehicle to take the country and its people towards prosperity; and second – in politics, the most crucial element is Leadership. And that is what this book is all about – Leadership in Politics.”

Arup Bose of Srishti Publishers stated – “What really intrigued us at Srishti was Randeep’s completely unique take and approach to Indian politics, combining his passion for leadership and politics to create a work that is entertaining, interesting, and informative. Given his experience and understanding of both subjects, we were certain that if there were anyone who could pull this off, it would be Randeep. We are confident that this book will create waves, and enthral readers across India”.

You can grab a copy of “The Crusader: How Modi Won 2019 Elections” online at Amazon and Flipkart, or from a bookstore near you.