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New Tech Solutions explored at Graph-E-Thon



Dehradun, 9 May: Young scientists are developing an app to make the life of visually impaired people easy. Along with other applications and websites for keeping the villages and cities clean, to identify the signs of depression in people and a new cryptocurrency for the country are also being developed.

On the second day of Graph-E-Thon organised in Graphic Era Deemed University, young scientists from 16 states have been working hard to create new sustainable tech solutions. Coming from various places across the country, more than 80 teams will be working non-stop for 72 hours to transform these innovative ideas into reality. Even after 24 hours, the teams are working on making sustainable and useful prototypes. The prototypes include solutions to problems like mental and physical health, education of underprivileged children, economic growth and many more.

Experts from Graphic Era guided these students on the second day as well to help them overcome the obstacles that will come along the way.

The competition started yesterday at 2 in the afternoon and will continue for 72 hours. Graphic Era has announced prize money of Rs 1 lakh per category. The winning teams who wish to start their startups will also get monetary help from the university.

Graphic Era Group of Institutions Chairman Dr Kamal Ghanshala said that the state and country are a hotspot of talent. If the young minds are given proper guidelines as per their interests and abilities, they can do things that are beyond imagination – new innovations of Graphic Era’s students, teachers and the participation of the young scientists in Graph-E-thon demonstrate this.

Ghanshala added that event will not only solve burning global issues but will also prove to be a ladder for the success of these young people.